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The Hazelnut Family Adventures

The Hazelnut Family Adventures

Meet Hazelnut, a unique, nonfiction character with special needs. Follow Hazelnut’s journey as she awaits the birth of her baby brother. Hazelnut and her family are filled with joy. A playmate for Hazelnut! But, before long, Hazelnut’s mommy is diagnosed with cancer. Read along as the doctors heal Hazelnut’s mommy and protect the baby. Soon, in a moment so sweet, baby brother, Russell, is born. The family’s joy is complete. Happily, Hazelnut’s family emerges from cancer’s hold, and their story must be told.

Learn more about the rare genetic condition, Nonketotic-Hyperglycinemia, that affects every aspect of Hazelnut and Russell’s bodies. Hazelnut’s mommy’s mission is to help children develop curiosity and compassion for children with special needs. To help you on your journey, bonus discussion questions are included.


This touching story delves into the real realities of cancer in a fun, easy-to-read, and kid-friendly manner. It's a perfect addition to the beloved Hazelnut book series, capturing the hearts of young readers who have already fallen in love with the adventures of Hazelnut.

If you have little ones and are navigating through a cancer journey, this book is must-read. It will not only entertain your kids but also help them grasp and discuss difficult circumstances in a way that is both engaging and comforting. Remember, you are not alone on this journey, and "The Hazelnut Family Adventures" is here to inspire your family through its touching narrative of resilience and love.

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