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Three Book Bundle

Three Book Bundle

3 HAZELNUT BOOK BUNDLE!!! 25% off original price!!



This story is based on a nonfiction character, Hazel, and how she lives her daily life with special needs. This book will give you just a glimpse of some of the silly things Hazel does and how she brings joy to her friends and family.


With a rare genetic disorder in the family of NKH (Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia),.both Hazel and Russell don't let that slow them down or keep them from living a life filled with laughter and joy.


This story will warm your heart and help you open the conversation with your children about others like Hazel and Russell with special needs. We believe conversation is the birthplace of compassion and can't wait to see the curiosity in your children grow as they read along.


Engagement questions for your children are included inside.



Each one of us is unique, and Baby Hazelnut is no exception. Hazelnut has a very rare genetic disorder that makes her a little different. This book will take you through the beginning of Hazelnut's life and help you, as a parent or educator, start the conversation about how we are all a little differently abled. Even though her life like looks different than most, fun abounds always.



Meet Hazelnut, a unique, nonfiction character with special needs. Follow Hazelnut’s journey as she awaits the birth of her baby brother. Hazelnut and her family are filled with joy. A playmate for Hazelnut! But, before long, Hazelnut’s mommy is diagnosed  with cancer. Read along as the doctors heal Hazelnut’s mommy and protect the baby. Soon, in a moment so sweet, baby brother, Russell, is born. The family’s joy is complete. Happily, Hazelnut’s family emerges from cancer’s hold, and their story must be told.

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