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The Hazelnut Movement

Changing the world one book at a time by inspiring children to embrace their differences as strengths, teaching them how to use these "superpowers" to assist others who might not share the same abilities. 


Unleashing the potential within each child, celebrating their unique gifts regardless of their abilities or disability. 

The Hazelnut Movement was started in 2022. I had embarked on a mission to provide parents and educators with resources to help them teach their children about other children with special needs.

Having been a special needs parent with two children affected by a very rare genetic disorder within the NKH family, I've come to realize that many parents and educators lack the knowledge of how to discuss children with special needs. Some fear saying the wrong thing, while others simply avoid the topic due to a lack of proper guidance. This is where we step in!

At the Hazelnut Movement, we believe that storytelling is the catalyst for compassion. Through one book at a time, we aim to initiate those crucial conversations.

If you haven't yet explored our selection of books, I encourage you to do so. I assure you that each page will warm your heart and leave you feeling blessed after reading.

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