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Hazelnut it's Time To Get Up

Hazelnut it's Time To Get Up


Each one of us is unique, and Baby Hazelnut is no exception. Hazelnut has a very rare genetic disorder that makes her a little different. This book will take you through the beginning of Hazelnut's life and help you, as a parent or educator, start the conversation about how we are all a little differently abled. Even though her life like looks different than most, fun abounds always. Follow the Hazelnut journey on Instagram @ERMANJULIA

"This book is going to open up a conversation about how different doesn’t mean bad, less than, or even better. It just means “not the same” & none of us are created exactly the same. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing your heart with us & please don’t ever stop!"

"Y'all! My new friend, Julia Erman, is so special! She is a very busy amazing mama to 2 special needs children who have seriously touched my soul! She has published this book about her daughter Hazel and I HIGHLY recommend you get it and share it with your children to help them understand that we are all different and that God made each of us exactly how HE intended! I plan to share this book with my preschool group at church (with Julia's permission) since they get to spend personal time with Hazel and be blessed by her happy, outgoing personality each week. Teach your children how to play with and interact with special needs children, this is a skill they all need to have!!"


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