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I help people identify their challenges as opportunities by giving them the tools to lean into their unique gifts.


Helping you see suffering as an opportunity to lean into your unique calling.

In today's world, we're often confronted with challenges that seem insurmountable, leaving us feeling overwhelmed.

Meet Julia, a keynote speaker dedicated to transforming these daunting challenges into profound opportunities for personal growth and joy. Julia is not only a prolific self-published author with eight titles to her name but also a devoted mother to two children with a rare disorder, a successful business owner, and a source of inspiration to all who cross her path. Her keynote will empower your audience with three key takeaways: to recognize challenging situations as opportunities for growth, to discover and utilize their unique, God-given talents, and to maintain a sense of hope and joy, no matter what tomorrow brings.

This presentation is ideal for groups of women who seek inspiration to perceive life's challenges as opportunities, feel trapped in difficult life circumstances, and have endured hardship but are searching for a path to recovery and lasting joy.

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Audience Sitting During a Concert


What if you could have joy no matter your life circumstances?


Recognize a challenging situation in their lives as a potential opportunity for growth and transformation.

Discover and embrace a unique, God-given talent or gift that they possess, utilizing it to make a positive impact.

Leave with a renewed sense of hope, understanding that regardless of future challenges, they can maintain a sense of joy and fulfillment.

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