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37 years done! ✔️

A lot has happened in 37 years, my friends, and it’s hard to know where to start.

Normally, I’d list all the suffering I’ve endured, but today I am going to highlight the joy, the hopeful times, and the blessings.

In 37 years, I have…

- Seen God's hand of healing.

- Watched my body be cured from cancer.

- Had the gift of holding both my mother's and father's hands as they passed from this earth.

- Experienced the joy of taking home two sweet babies from the NICU when most never leave.

- Traveled to Canada, Mexico, Dubai, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the Dominican Republic, India, and Nepal.

- Graduated from college even though I failed my junior year while my dad battled cancer.

- Lived on the Pacific Ocean with the most beautiful view of the bay.

- Seen orcas in the wild ocean.

- Bungee jumped three separate times.

- Cheered with Chrissy Teagan.

- Rode with a unicycle club for three years in elementary school.

- Self-published 11 books and counting.

- Started a movement that’s soon to be a non-profit.

- Married the love of my life.

- Followed a dream of moving across the country from Washington to Tennessee.

- And so much more.

God has allowed me to see so much in my life, and for that, I am blessed.

I pray the next 37 years are filled with serving—serving others and using my gifts, my superpowers for Jesus and His kingdom.

Everything else will fall flat and empty if you do it for yourself.

I pray I wouldn’t serve myself but would be a vessel for the Lord.

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