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Book Update

We are officially in the final edits phase of the book.

As it gets closer, I question, will anyone even like the book, will it make sense, and what do I have to offer that is different from every other children’s book on the market?

Doubt is the biggest thief of joy. Doubt wants you to believe you aren’t enough and that you have nothing to offer.

Here is the deal, it doesn’t matter.

This is my book, and it is Hazel’s story. It’s a gift of what God has given us with our circumstances mixed with my creativity, and that is exactly what it is supposed to be.

Sometimes to do something great, we have to risk “looking bad.”

I believe this book will start many conversations that will have so much power.

I believe this book will bring understanding where there is none and allow its readers a small glimpse into our lives.

I hope that this book is a blessing. That God uses it to do more than I can imagine!

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