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  • Julia Erman

God uses them to mold us

These are the faces of global brain damage.

A very rare genetic disorder in the family of #nkh

This metabolic disorder impacts their body's ability to produce energy.

This means they have global delays in all areas, are non-verbal (for now), and their lives will be cut short by a lot due to their condition.

NEVER EVER take a single day for granted. The harsh truth is that no one knows their last day or last breath.

If you know the story of Daniel, you'll understand me when I say that I believe that “even if” God doesn't heal them on this side of heaven, He is still good.

Is this hard? Yes.

Is this horrific? Yes.

Is God still good? Yes. 🙌

Sometimes horrible things happen, but I believe God uses them to mold us. The question is, will you let him mold you?

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