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It's not our circumstances it's us that's the problem

This is a gift.

But two years ago, I would have disagreed. I would have said this was a nightmare.

I'm more convinced than ever that more than your circumstances, your perspective decides your reality.

2 years ago, I saw a special needs child as a nightmare, and many agreed with me. But what I realized was I was coloring that picture. I was deciding how it felt every day.

Today I look, and I speak blessing over the same circumstances. Today I chose to see the parts that are joyful and good. I thank God every morning for the million ways he has used these kids to bless us.

Keynote: the actual circumstances are the same.

What changed: I changed; I practiced switching my mindset to a place of gratitude. That's what changed.

I believe you can do this too. To learn how reach out. I'd love to teach you.

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