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Process Over Final Results

So I did a thing. 📖

I wrote a story, dreamt up the images to bring the words to life(hired an illustrator), and fought with a publishing company for a year that I ended up fired.

Most would have stopped there. I could have stopped there, but something in me said to keep going.

I'll be the first to admit this book isn't perfect. It isn't the shiny hardback board book you would find on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, but it's here.

What I realized through this process is that sometimes you learn more through the process than crossing the finish line. Although if you don't cross the finish, you may never have learned those lessons. 🏃‍♀️

This book has taught me to be kind to myself, to trust the process, and to give myself a time limit because when you do, things start to get done.

I know one day look back at this book and be proud that I did it, not even for what this book has to offer but for who I became through it and the books that will follow.

If you haven't ordered one yet, please do. All the proceeds will go to support respite care for our family.

I dream of starting a non-profit that provides respite care for other families, too, and I am playing around with the idea of how the proceeds from this book can start that process. Who knows, a non-profit might be in the making.

Now, go order. 🧾

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