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Suffering and what it's for anyways

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Everyone wants to fix it, change it and pray it away…

Has it ever occurred to you that suffering is a part of this life?

That suffering is real and something God can use to help us grow?

I do not believe God causes suffering. He is a good God, and I do not believe he would do that, but sometimes he allows it.

Conversations often arise on this topic as I share about our kids.

People will say, “but you said they would never walk,” and Hazel walks, “God will heal them.”

To a parent of a child with a fatal disease, this type of setiment isn’t always helpful.

Yes, God will heal both of my children, but it may not be on this side of heaven.

What is helpful for me is to find a balance of faith and living in the moment today.

We will most likely bury both of our children very young. That is the reality of this disease, so If you catch me talking about it and sharing about it, I can tell you this is my way of coping through the suffering God has allowed in our lives.

Grief is a long process, and our journey started the day Hazel got sick and will end the day we all go and meet Jesus face to face.

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