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There is always a hiccup

Isn't it true anything worth doing always has some resistance?

Well, my book project isn't immune to resistance either.

I have been working dutifully with my editor on releasing the book, and this last week we ran into a big problem.

At first, I will be honest; I went into a bit of a panic. I started questioning the project and if the publisher I hired was the right fit.

Don't we do this in life? A roadblock comes, and we start questioning?

Truth is anything worth doing will always have RESISTANCE!

Resistance is the sign that you are moving in the right direction!!

I wanted this book to be one that Hazel can read since it is, after all, all about her. Since Hazel has global motor delays, she has a hard time with paper books; we don't give them to her because she will tear the pages.

Because of this, it is crucial to me that we publish this book as a Children's board book. One Hazel can toss around, chew on and even sit on, and it will survive. A book that will stand the test of Hazel, something sturdy.

I am proud to say that we solved the issue and have a board book after all!!!

The release date is yet to be set, working on all the final details, but the book will be available at Barnes and Noble and ready for purchase very soon.

Please use this as a lesson.

If you are after a big goal and having resistance, this is your reminder to take a pause and to keep moving forward. The reward at the end will be so worth it.

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