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  • Julia Erman


Yesterday I kept thinking to myself; I'm not enjoying this...

Being a mom to two kids who will be babies in their minds forever can be exhausting.

It's a lot of the same stuff over and over, and no feedback, other than their sweet smiles once in a while.

It's taxing, exhausting, and, honestly, really hard.

I’m ON 24/7 when Hazel is awake, holding hands, running around, entertaining, and putting out fires (keeping her and our home safe).

I can get so stuck in this... This is hard stuff, and it makes me crazy.

But then I count my blessings. I remember how thankful I am to have these kids. I remember the gift it is even to be able to have kids at all. And I remind myself, The Lord’s got this.

It's not easy, I cry a lot and fight with The Lord about being cut out for the job, but He shows up every day, and somehow we make it through.


Trying my hardest to teach Russell how to stand up, but his body doesn't enjoy it very much. 🤷‍♀️

Hazel’s sweet black eye... 🤦‍♀️the

Showing Hazael the pigs that are being trained to the electric fence was interesting. She touched them but wasn't too interested. She has never been much of an animal person.

The way we pass our time is in this stroller my sweet family sent us for Christmas!!!!

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