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Be like little children

If we have learned one thing as being parents to two children who will never really grow up, it is that there is a sweetness a child has that adults will never understand.

The innocence, the lack of judgment, and the pure joy and love that bursts from the seem, well sometimes!

We have so much to learn from our children, no matter if they are typically developing or not. They understand the basics of this life that us as adults have lost.

Sometimes as adults, we get so caught up in all the things, and the true meaning of life gets lost in the mist.

Today, just for one moment, pretend you are a child. Play like a child, eat like a child, and love just like a child and see how different the world looks.

God calls us to become like children before entering into his presence. So what better day than today to give this a try today?

"Truly, I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Maybe that is our blessing as special needs parents. In many ways, we get to experience our children's joys and innocence in a much different way than most. And for some of us, this innocence never goes away.

Today I choose to look at this as a blessing and strive to live a little more like Hazel every day. Free, unfiltered, and filled to the brim with JOY, the kind that most will never come to understand.

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