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Exciting News Ahead! 🌟

Last August, I embarked on an incredible journey, starting with a single video. This endeavor quickly evolved into my passion project.

Introducing Winter 2023's Launch: The Hazelnut Classroom!

Educators read till the end for an exclusive offer.

The Hazelnut Classroom offers a series of 10 engaging videos, crafted for kids to explore the world of disabilities. This experience is more than a course; it's a dynamic community and a perpetual resource for parents and educators.

Join us as we explore critical aspects of disability, its roots, and ways to interact with people who have disabilities.

Our aim is to foster children's comprehensive understanding of disability, its causes, and respectful interaction with those affected.

📚 Key Learning Outcomes: Empowering Children with Knowledge!

Your children will gain:

1️⃣ In-Depth Understanding: A clear grasp of what disability is and its various forms.

2️⃣ Interaction Skills: Learn to engage with individuals who have disabilities with empathy, respect, and kindness.

3️⃣ Insights into Causes: An exploration of the reasons and factors behind disabilities.

4️⃣ Compassion: Cultivating empathy and inclusion, emphasizing the importance of compassion for those affected by disability.

10 Engaging Video Lessons 👇

(Suitable for elementary students, each video lasts between 3-6 mins)

Lesson #1: What is Disability

Lesson #2: What Causes Disability

Lesson #3: Friendships with People with Disabilities

Lesson #4: Invisible Disabilities

Lesson #5: Non-Verbal Disability

Lesson #6: Safety and Disability

Lesson #7: Communication and Disabilities

Lesson #8: Understanding Disability Transmission

Lesson #9: Faith and Disability

Lesson #10: Supporting People with Disabilities

I envision The Hazelnut Classroom growing into a weekly live session for students, alongside a wealth of resources for teachers and educators.

And now, I need your support!

I'm seeking educators to preview and test the course with their students, providing valuable feedback as we develop this amazing online resource.

Special Offer Alert: Normally priced at $49, the course is available for just $5 for one day only! This offer grants lifetime access to the entire course for you and your classroom.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 20th. Remember, this exclusive discount is available for 24 hours only, so act fast.

I'm confident that your students' perspectives on others will transform after joining our classroom.

Who's ready to mark their calendars? 📅

See you in The Hazelnut Classroom! 👋

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