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I had it all figured out…

I figured it out – if I kept my life in a routine and put Hazel to sleep at the "right" time in the "right" environment, all seemed well. I became the best at it and thrived in routine with my kids.

The problem is that routine isn't always possible. Becoming a special needs mom was intense; I had nothing I could control except routine, so I held it tight, and we found a place of normalcy again.

We said no to all evening events, midday get-togethers, and much more because we quickly found that striving for control over the routine worked, and our kids thrived, and well... I have control.

But life isn't always in control, and routine doesn't always work. Last summer was our first time ever staying overnight with both kids. We were invited to a disability camp and knew we needed it. Routine was off, but the Lord showed up and blessed us. He provided.

Ministry has a cost, and sometimes for me in this season, that looks like giving in on my routines. Keeping the kids up a little later, going to a church that isn't over until our normal nap time starts, and even having people help, even if they aren't as good at the routine as I am because, let's be honest, I'm the best at it. 🤣

Ministry has a cost; following Jesus has a cost. What have you held onto so tightly that God has called you to loosen your grip on? Maybe not always give up routine, but now and then, and you'll be surprised how God blesses you.

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