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Join Me at an All-School Assembly: A Unique Experience

In a single day, I experienced the thrill of delivering six assemblies to over 500 students. It was exhilarating!

During a stroll through the hall after my first session, a 5th-grade boy approached me. He expressed his enjoyment of my presentation, which was incredibly heartwarming to hear from someone his age. The simple fact he stopped me and told me he loved it was incredible.

As the day progressed, several special education students joined the assemblies. One girl, reminded me of Hazel, captured my heart with her beaming smile and infectious joy. To each one who walked in I said hello and exchanged a smile.

Many students opened up about their personal struggles after I shared my experience with being in special reading classes in elementary school. Their reactions made it clear they felt understood and less alone. One student even nodded in agreement, saying “me too.”

The day concluded with a touching moment. A 3rd-grade girl approached me, her eyes brimming with tears. She shared about her brother, who, like Hazel, has a rare disorder and a feeding tube. The connection she felt, realizing she wasn’t alone in her experiences, was palpable. I gifted her two books for her mother, knowing how meaningful they would be for them.

These assemblies are truly magical, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to make such an impact.

On the drive home, I longed to share these experiences with my mom, but she passed away when Hazel was just 10 months old. Overwhelmed with emotion, I spent the journey reflecting on my experiences and feeling grateful for the path I’ve been given.

This is my calling, my gift. Despite struggling with reading in elementary school, I now understand that God had a plan for my life. It’s a joy to share with others that He has a plan for them too.

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