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So the news is out, we are moving to Tennessee 🏠

People keep asking, why Tennessee?

My only answer, God, opened the door.

As a couple, we've been praying and asking God for direction since Oct, when Aaron was let go due to the mandates. Our hearts were set on Montana. We had a dream of Montana our whole marriage.

But God said differently.

As we began the search, we looked everywhere. Anywhere that Aaron would be able to work again in his field of passion, emergency medicine. We spent time visiting other places, researched, watched every youtube video ever made known, and God slowly started to soften our hearts towards Tennessee.

God impressed in our hearts to sell our house, so we did. People thought we were crazy and still do; it happened quickly.

Every step of the way, we tried to make staying in Washington be the fit for us, and it just wasn't. We actively looked for rentals, and there was nothing suitable.

Until the door opened in Tennessee.

If I'm honest, we've been crying almost daily because we are so sad to leave Washington. Our whole world is here. But God called us to go, so we are going to follow.

We are scared, confused, emotional, and, yes, excited for the adventure.

Unless you're a believer this will sound like a crazy town, the truth is, following God is a crazy town. 🤣

So, we spend the next few weeks with the people we love, and then we start this new journey.

We appreciate all the support and help and encouraging words, and we do hope all of our family and friends plan a visit because the new home is magical, and we've been told Tennessee is like a magnet, and people will follow. 🥰

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