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The Hazelnut Movement Shared at VBS

I had an incredible opportunity to share Russell and Hazels' story at VBS yesterday with the 4th and 5th graders.

It was a moment that affirmed my purpose. I felt destined to share this message.

As I stood before the 5th grade class, witnessing the realization dawning in their minds about why our kids are a little different, my heart soared. I saw compassion blooming inside them.

This is precisely why we initiated the Hazelnut Movement!

First, we share stories. Then, we encourage questions. And finally, we witness the magic unfold. Compassion for the special needs community ignites within them, and it becomes unstoppable.

You can support our work by purchasing a Hazelnut shirt this week and making a donation. With the funds raised, we aim to gift 2,000 books to educators for this coming Fall. A $10 donation covers the cost of one book!

Let's join forces to achieve our goal of selling 500 t-shirts (with all profits contributing to the movement) and donating 2,000 books. We can accomplish it together! Let's go, full speed ahead!

Order a shirt and make a donation here.

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