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Becoming parents to a child with a disability, and now to two children, caused us to pivot our whole life..

and how we function in this world.

It changed how we socialize, vacation, attend family holidays, go to church functions, and when we go to bed and rise. Oh, and for me, working outside of the home was no longer an option.

Our kids need stability, and I’m 100% confident that this is why they thrive. They function so well with routine, and that’s what we’ve provided.

We did this because we had to survive, and a lot of people thought we were crazy. We said no to a lot for the sake of our kids’ needs and put them first, and for that, I don’t regret anything.


After almost seven years of living this lifestyle, things have changed. Our kids have slowly adapted to their world and are getting slightly better at dealing with changes outside their normal routine.

Some aspects of this lifestyle were also adapted because of my anxiety and as a way to control where I had no control.


Over the last year or so, we’ve started doing a few things outside of this routine we set up. For example, we went to camp—and we never sleep away from the house with our kids—but we knew we needed to go to this week of camp, so we did it, and we are so glad we did.

We also rented a cabin and had a mini family reunion. It was our first vacation with our kids, all four of us.

We started attending a church service that ended after nap time started. This was a big deal, but I said, “Lord, if it’s Your will, You make a way,” and He did, and has every week. We survived getting nap an hour late.

I took Hazel to Dollywood. Not only did we drive in the car for two hours, but we also skipped nap time. I never do that.

And now I’m questioning what else. Where else have I been hesitant to change because of my need for control? Where else do I need to let go?

I believe in routine, and you’ll know that within minutes of being in my home, but sometimes we have to give that up for a season or a day.

God, change me. Shape me, and show me what You have for me and my beautiful family in this next season.

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