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Bold ask here...

Since September, I've been honored to serve @valleychristianacademytn as an academic coach.

Sometimes I feel like the kids fuel my soul more than I help them with academics, but I guess that's why I love my job.

This school operates with the mission to teach children in a safe environment through a biblical lens, and I can boldly say this school does just that.

This month we are raising money to support our continued work to raise bold believers who love Jesus, but we need your help.

So here is my ask, buy a ticket.

We are selling tickets to win a vacation on valley valued up to $4,000.

As a family of 4, we have NEVER been on vacation. 🤯

Because of our children's special needs, it makes it difficult and being able to afford a place to accommodate them hasn't been in the cards.


Consider buying a ticket in honor of our family to send us on this vacation.

If your ticket is chosen, we can pick anywhere in the world to go, which would be a huge blessing.

And purchase a ticket and state it's for the Erman Family.

The tickets are $20 each and there is no limit. We will announce a winner on February 24th.

And if you want to buy a ticket for yourself, go right ahead!!!

Thank you for all your support. This life isn't easy, but each of you makes it so much sweeter.


And don't forget to pray our ticket gets chosen. 🙏

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