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Author, Speaker, Devoted Mother to Two NKH Warriors, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, and Founder of The Hazelnut Movement.



Julia is a remarkable individual who wears many hats - a loving wife, a devoted mother, an empowering coach, an influential speaker, and an inspiration to many. Her natural talent for working with children, combined with her own personal journey as a special needs parent, has led her to become a driving force behind The Hazelnut Movement.
In 2022, Julia embarked on a mission to educate children, parents, and educators about developmental delays and special needs through The Hazelnut Movement. As a mother to two children affected by a rare genetic disorder within the NKH family, Julia recognized the lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding this topic. She witnessed the fear of saying the wrong thing or the avoidance of the subject due to a lack of guidance. That's when she decided to step in and make a difference.
At The Hazelnut Movement, Julia firmly believes that storytelling is the catalyst for compassion. Through the power of carefully crafted books, she aims to initiate crucial conversations and bridge the gap between children with special needs and their peers. Each page of her books warms the heart and leaves readers feeling blessed, as they learn how to start conversations and connect with those who have special needs.
While running The Hazelnut Movement, Julia also dedicates her time to coaching women in growing their businesses from home. She is passionate about showing people that regardless of the challenges they face in life, joy is still attainable. Her own children are living proof of the joy that can be found amidst adversity.
Julia's purpose is to instill awareness and true compassion in the hearts of individuals, young and old alike. She believes that by openly discussing and understanding topics related to special needs, we can create a more inclusive and empathetic society. Through her books, coaching, and advocacy, Julia continues to empower others, spread joy, and make a lasting impact on the lives of those she touches.

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